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Wow, better than we ever imagined!!

We've just done our first month here at The Climate Trust, and the interest and engagement has been amazing. People definitely want to take positive action about the environment.

Just in our first month, new members have planted 3,076 trees, which is taking enough carbon out of the atmosphere to make 4 people carbon neutral for their entire lives. Amazing.

The issue with trees is, for years humanity has cut down around 15 billion trees per year and only replanted 5 billion - that is not sustainable, so a number of organisations are now setting up to plant more trees, billions more. So we've started and even while we're sorting ourselves out, we've made a good start in our first month.

If you would like to become a member, it starts from £4 a month, and we'll plant trees in areas of need around the world on your behalf.

Join the Climate Trust today by visiting

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