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Our Tree Planting Partnership Agreement is signed.

We're delighted today to be able to announce our official tree planting partner is Eden Reforestation Projects.

Eden has been working in this space for many years and has a two fold focus, to employ people on the ground in developing countries to plant trees sponsored by organisations like the Climate trust. To date they have planted over 650 million trees with huge growth in the last two years.

They operate in Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya, Nicaragua, and Honduras, now employing several thousand people, taking them out of poverty by planting trees and in many cases reforesting areas which have been cut down.

Eden is also extremely well audited so every partnership, every payment made is tracked all the way through it's process to tree planting. It has attained one of the highest organisation transparency ratings in the world.

Our aim is to plant several million trees per year through this partnership.

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