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It's Launch Day !!

So pleased to say after a lot of hard work, we have launched and already we're making good progress.

By the grace of God to get here with some friends, we are launching a dream God has laid on my heart for more 2 years.

The Climate Trust ( is the first expression of a desire I have to address the concerns everyone one of has or should have to address the problems we have with Climate Change.

We are addressing concerns, raising awareness, and positive action towards climate change. The news about how precarious being alive has become now has a Genesis.

Being serious about what we are doing, we can avert the doom ahead. Global warming is dangerously rising, and all of us have participated because we didn't know any better.

We have started to research ideas and practical things we could do so that you and I would in our small way contribute to turning the tide.

What we say at 'The Climate Trust' is that becoming a member (The price of a nice coffee!) can change the direction of climate doom for the better.

So please join us by visiting and become a member as an individual, a family, a Church, or Organisation.

Together we will make the difference we all need.


Pastor Tunde Balogun

Co-Founder - The Climate Trust

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